Caprese Sandwich with Parsley Pesto #sandwich #pesto #vegetarian #whole30 #keto

Caprese Sandwich with Parsley Pesto #sandwich #pesto #vegetarian #whole30 #keto

This Caprese Sandwich takes a turn by being toasted with softened mozzarella, and rich parsley pesto. The sandwich is immaculate sor a regular lunch or a cookout!

All things considered, hi, nearly June! It appears that the official summer month has creeped up on us so rapidly, however think about who isn't grumbling! While it's been truly summer climate all year here, it means being at the shoreline perpetually will be absolutely worthy. It likewise implies, I can post unending summer plans!

The thing is, I need every one of the reasons I can get the chance to go out. This messed up leg (sorry in the event that I deluded some of you, despite everything it hasn't mended) has placed me in a significant negative state of mind which can be very addictive, and for that I have been anticipating June for some time. I can't go into the water at the shoreline, yet simply sitting by it helps not terrible, but not great either much. I used to go to the shoreline all the time just to unwind and liven up my state of mind, and I figure it will be required like never before now.

I was additionally taking a gander at my blog content and acknowledged, you'd always be unable to tell that I live on a tropical island. That really, actually needs to change! With the Mr's. help, I intend to make much increasingly tropical plans so anticipate significantly more pineapple, watermelon, mangoes and the preferences, and might I venture to state, genuine Jamaican plans! I needed to snicker at myself in light of the fact that a companion approached me for a couple of Jamaican plans from my blog, and I discovered all of three Jamaican plans. Umm, what?! That necessities to change! I'm making an effort not to be a copycat or simply like any blog particularly when I have something that separates me explicitly!

Caprese Sandwich with Parsley Pesto #sandwich #pesto #vegetarian #whole30 #keto

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  • 1 personal loaf French bread (gluten free if you're gluten free)
  • 1 medium tomato, sliced
  • 3 slices fresh ball mozzarella cheese, halved
  • 3 tablespoons Parsley Pesto


  1. Slice loaf in half. Add mozzarella cheese slices and tomato slices along the bottom of the sandwich.
  2. Spread the parsley pesto on the top of the sandwich. Press the sandwich closed. Toast in a panini machine on medium for about 5 minutes, until crispy and cheese is melted.
  3. Remove, cut in half and enjoy!

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